Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village – Rumour

Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village

Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village – Rumour

Recently a pop up store has opened up at Disney Village in Disneyland Paris. It’s none other than a Hard Rock Cafe Pop Up Store. Knowing that Disney Village will get an enormous overhaul, this will be a very welcomed addition to the outdated Disney Village. So will that mean that we will get a Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village?

Pop up store

Disney does not just open a random pop up store because an enormous brand asks to do so. Disney plans out every move with precision. This store is selling Hard Rock merchandise from their own Hard Rock Shops. It’s very clear that Disney won’t leave this store forever on site. However that is the definition of a pop up store. It pops up and then goes away again. It is great to learn that Hard Rock Cafe will become part of Disney. It is an awesome and much needed addition to our beloved Disney Village. How cool would it be to have an Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village shirt? That would be an awesome to add to my collection of Disney Fashion!

Rainforest Cafe

It’s rumored that Rainforest Cafe will make place for the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. Although Rainforest Cafe is very famous in the hearts of Disneyland Paris fans. However we can all agree that the food to price ratio is outrageous for what you get.

It’s even infamous with die hard Disney Fans. Being a place where you should never spend your money on your already expensive Disney trip. For the same amount of cash you can eat like a cowboy at the Silver Spur Steakhouse. So why not go eat there where the food is arguably better?

The future

This spells out a good perspective Disney Village. With The Walt Disney Company pumping in millions to make it shine again, I have faith in the future of our much beloved Disney Village. I think in the upcoming year we will hear more about the changes at Disney Village. However with all the rumours going around I think we will be hearing a lot in the months to come.

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