Hurricane Dorian Approaches Walt Disney World

Hurricane Dorian is coming

Hurricane Dorian Approaches Walt Disney World

Hurricane Dorian approaches Walt Disney World. That spells bad news for Walt Disney World. The Florida based Disney Resort will be visited by the latest hurricane that is approaching the Bahama’s as we speak. Reports say that it will be a Category 3 or 4 major hurricane when it touches land on monday.

Hurricane Season

It is nearly September as we write this and that means that hurricane season has been underway for some time, and Hurricane Dorian approaches Walt Disney World. However around September it becomes more severe and the big hurricanes and tropical storms make their way up to Florida. This is not something new and Walt Disney World is more than prepared for this stormy season. Walt Disney World even has a Hurricane Policy.

Trip planned in advance

Like many of us we have trips planned for months or even years, paid for our rooms and tickets in advanced. So how can you assure that you have a safe trip? Hurricanes are not something you can plan for, and Walt Disney World understands that. So they have a couple of options.

  • If you booked your flights through the Walt Disney World website they will attempt to help you rebook your flight. Cancelation or change fees are still for you to pay.
  • You can reschedule your Hotel room dates to dates after or before the arrival date of the hurricane. Disney allowed this if the said hurricane is a threat for guest safety.
  • Cancel your booking altogether. You will have to pay the cancelation fees and maybe pay partly the fee of your room depending on your cancelation date and arrival date.

Deciding to go while the hurricane is there

You may still decide to go while the hurricane is coming to Walt Disney World and you won’t be left there to your own safety. Walt Disney World will do everything in its power to keep you and their own employees safe. How do they do this?

  • Sandbags in front of your door to keep out water
  • Relocate you to another room or resort. Especially if you stay at the Wilderness Cabins you may be relocated to another resort for your safety. You will not be charged extra. However you may not choose where you will be located, it might be a downgrade or an upgrade.
  • If there is no need for relocation but Walt Disney World sees it fit to get all the resort guests to safety you might be relocated to a food court where guests will be entertained with movies. Water and some food will be available for guests for the duration of the severity of the storm.
  • When guest safety cannot be guaranteed you will be relocated to another place outside of Disney with help of local authorities. If that happens you are not allowed to stay on site and you will not be reimbursed as Walt Disney World is doing everything to keep you safe.

Don’t underestimate

Even though you might think it will not be as bad as the media let’s it out to be, never underestimate hurricanes and tropical storms. The warnings are for a good reason and history tells that even the lowest tropical storm can be dangerous. Every year people die from hurricanes and tropical storms. Be sure to research before going during hurricane season.

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