Day: September 28, 2019

Spider-man back in MCU

Spider-Man Back in MCU

The feud between Disney and Sony is over for now. Spider-Man is back into the MCU and fans everywhere are happy. However there is also bad news. Sony will not give up Spider-Man that easy.

Nasty Divorce

Marvel and Sony went through a very nasty divorce this last couple of months, and fans all around the world felt like the kids in a marriage that went to disaster. We all love Spider-Man so much and were so happy that our favorite superhero joined our favorite franchise. However Sony wanted to see more money and Disney didn’t want to spend more and get less. So the two great companies went into full lock down to get a deal going again. They were working hard to get Spider-Man back in the MCU.

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Fans boycotting Sony

One thing Sony seemed to forget is that Disney has some very loyal fans. Sony decided to leave our beloved hero out of our stories. Sony was portrayed as the bad guy. And we all understand that Sony has the rights to Spider-Man, although a company like that should understand that fans make or break companies.

Boycotts were called upon Sony and fans were very displeased. Can you blame them? Fans were so happy with the return of their favorite character, just to get it ripped away in such a nasty divorce. We all know that Venom was way below par for a superhero movie as we now expect to get, so why should we believe that Sony would do a good job with their new superhero movies surrounding the Spider Verse?

A Deal was made

Kevin Feige is the biggest comic book fan in the world. He even asked if he could help with The Amazing Spider-Man because he wanted to make it successful. He wanted his favorite web slinger to be done justice. Sony declined and we all know what happened next.

However Sony is now more than willing to listen to Kevin Feige’s advice. I mean, it’s clear that the man knows what he’s doing. He knows Comics and he knows what to do to please the fans of this great franchise.

In order to get Spider-Man into the MCU, Disney had to give some room for negotiation. Terms of this deal were not disclosed by both companies. However there are rumours that the third Spider-Man movie will be the last in the MCU. Which would be a real shame.

Incredible Hulk Deal

However I tend to believe that they have made an Incredible Hulk Deal, where Marvel may use the character in movies with multiple heroes very much like all the Avenger movies. And they might not be allowed to use Spider-Man as a solo movie anymore. Seeing that Sony wants to do a whole universe around the Spider-Verse now.


In conclusion I can say that it’s great to have Spider-Man back in the MCU again. It’s such a great character and so many great movies can be made with our favorite web-slinger. I have great faith that Kevin Feige has all the love for the fans of his favorite franchise and will do everything he can to make an amazing legacy.