Season of Marvel has a wrong starting date

Season of Marvel has a wrong starting date

Next year will be another start of the season of Marvel. However their starting date has wrongfully communicated.


You’d expect a company as big as Disney to have everything perfect. However they do make mistakes sometimes. Shocker! I know! So when does the new Season Of Marvel really start?

Their firstly announced date was 24th of March. However their actual date is March 28th. That means a lot of online information has been wrong and fans have booked their hotels far in advance.

In order to rebook your arrangement you will need to pay a fee that is determent by Disney. Disney has not mmade comments as just yet about this mishap.


I’m sure that fans will go out of their way to get their booking sorted out. The seasons have been a nice addition for the hardcore fans like us at Mainstreetglobenews and Wishuponastar. Last years Season of Marvel has grown to be a fan favorite as it was the second special season.

The first season was none other than the Season of The Force. That was the only season I’ve had the ability to visit myself and although it was impressive with the end show, I’d expect more. And with Season of Marvel they really have!

The future

Disney announced they will be doing more seasons for every season of the year. Next year there will be a spectacular season of Frozen. With their new movie coming out I’d expect nothing less than a lot of people in the parks.

It seems that Disneyland Paris is finally seeing their numbers rise and their fans happy. I’d just wish that they would do another fan event. As I’ve missed the last one and they really have to fine tune their fan events.

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