Disney+ Deletes Simpsons Episode With Michael Jackson

Disney+ Deletes Simpsons Episode With Michael Jackson

Disney’s new Streaming Service has announced that they are deleting the episode of The Simpsons where Michael Jackson voiced a character.


Disney+ just launched after their Beta period in The Netherlands. And is now available in North America and New Zealand aswel as The Netherlands.
With the launch of Disney+ came 30 years of Simpons episodes. However one in particular is a controversial one.
One of the episodes has Michael Jackson as a voiced character. After the Documentary “Leaving Neverland” they have decided that it wasn’t fit for Disney+.

Different times, different views

However this is not the first time Disney has been seen as controversial. For example in the movie Dumbo there are crows who are voiced by white actors, however they have a black accent.
People have been looking at Disney as the racist one because of these views. But people tend to forget that these movies started out decades ago and now times has changed.
To battle the problem Disney has a warning with the movies that are seen as controversial. In this way Disney wants to warn people for insensitive content.

Disney+ Simpsons

For many it was a surprise that Disney+ would feature the Simpsons. However a lot of people will see this as a big reason to consider Disney+ as their new streaming service.
This is a great move on Disney’s part to include a fandom this big. However this isn’t the only huge step, Avatar, the gigantic franchise from FOX is currently on Disney+.
When other FOX titles will be presented depends on all the deals with other streamingservices that are in effect right now.
It would be amazing to see the X-men movies and Deadpool movies on Disney+, aswel as the other great franchises previously owned by FOX.

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