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Disney+ Deletes Simpsons Episode With Michael Jackson

Disney’s new Streaming Service has announced that they are deleting the episode of The Simpsons where Michael Jackson voiced a character.


Disney+ just launched after their Beta period in The Netherlands. And is now available in North America and New Zealand aswel as The Netherlands.
With the launch of Disney+ came 30 years of Simpons episodes. However one in particular is a controversial one.
One of the episodes has Michael Jackson as a voiced character. After the Documentary “Leaving Neverland” they have decided that it wasn’t fit for Disney+.

Different times, different views

However this is not the first time Disney has been seen as controversial. For example in the movie Dumbo there are crows who are voiced by white actors, however they have a black accent.
People have been looking at Disney as the racist one because of these views. But people tend to forget that these movies started out decades ago and now times has changed.
To battle the problem Disney has a warning with the movies that are seen as controversial. In this way Disney wants to warn people for insensitive content.

Disney+ Simpsons

For many it was a surprise that Disney+ would feature the Simpsons. However a lot of people will see this as a big reason to consider Disney+ as their new streaming service.
This is a great move on Disney’s part to include a fandom this big. However this isn’t the only huge step, Avatar, the gigantic franchise from FOX is currently on Disney+.
When other FOX titles will be presented depends on all the deals with other streamingservices that are in effect right now.
It would be amazing to see the X-men movies and Deadpool movies on Disney+, aswel as the other great franchises previously owned by FOX.

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Season of Marvel has a wrong starting date

Next year will be another start of the season of Marvel. However their starting date has wrongfully communicated.


You’d expect a company as big as Disney to have everything perfect. However they do make mistakes sometimes. Shocker! I know! So when does the new Season Of Marvel really start?

Their firstly announced date was 24th of March. However their actual date is March 28th. That means a lot of online information has been wrong and fans have booked their hotels far in advance.

In order to rebook your arrangement you will need to pay a fee that is determent by Disney. Disney has not mmade comments as just yet about this mishap.


I’m sure that fans will go out of their way to get their booking sorted out. The seasons have been a nice addition for the hardcore fans like us at Mainstreetglobenews and Wishuponastar. Last years Season of Marvel has grown to be a fan favorite as it was the second special season.

The first season was none other than the Season of The Force. That was the only season I’ve had the ability to visit myself and although it was impressive with the end show, I’d expect more. And with Season of Marvel they really have!

The future

Disney announced they will be doing more seasons for every season of the year. Next year there will be a spectacular season of Frozen. With their new movie coming out I’d expect nothing less than a lot of people in the parks.

It seems that Disneyland Paris is finally seeing their numbers rise and their fans happy. I’d just wish that they would do another fan event. As I’ve missed the last one and they really have to fine tune their fan events.

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Spider-man back in MCU

Spider-Man Back in MCU

The feud between Disney and Sony is over for now. Spider-Man is back into the MCU and fans everywhere are happy. However there is also bad news. Sony will not give up Spider-Man that easy.

Nasty Divorce

Marvel and Sony went through a very nasty divorce this last couple of months, and fans all around the world felt like the kids in a marriage that went to disaster. We all love Spider-Man so much and were so happy that our favorite superhero joined our favorite franchise. However Sony wanted to see more money and Disney didn’t want to spend more and get less. So the two great companies went into full lock down to get a deal going again. They were working hard to get Spider-Man back in the MCU.

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Fans boycotting Sony

One thing Sony seemed to forget is that Disney has some very loyal fans. Sony decided to leave our beloved hero out of our stories. Sony was portrayed as the bad guy. And we all understand that Sony has the rights to Spider-Man, although a company like that should understand that fans make or break companies.

Boycotts were called upon Sony and fans were very displeased. Can you blame them? Fans were so happy with the return of their favorite character, just to get it ripped away in such a nasty divorce. We all know that Venom was way below par for a superhero movie as we now expect to get, so why should we believe that Sony would do a good job with their new superhero movies surrounding the Spider Verse?

A Deal was made

Kevin Feige is the biggest comic book fan in the world. He even asked if he could help with The Amazing Spider-Man because he wanted to make it successful. He wanted his favorite web slinger to be done justice. Sony declined and we all know what happened next.

However Sony is now more than willing to listen to Kevin Feige’s advice. I mean, it’s clear that the man knows what he’s doing. He knows Comics and he knows what to do to please the fans of this great franchise.

In order to get Spider-Man into the MCU, Disney had to give some room for negotiation. Terms of this deal were not disclosed by both companies. However there are rumours that the third Spider-Man movie will be the last in the MCU. Which would be a real shame.

Incredible Hulk Deal

However I tend to believe that they have made an Incredible Hulk Deal, where Marvel may use the character in movies with multiple heroes very much like all the Avenger movies. And they might not be allowed to use Spider-Man as a solo movie anymore. Seeing that Sony wants to do a whole universe around the Spider-Verse now.


In conclusion I can say that it’s great to have Spider-Man back in the MCU again. It’s such a great character and so many great movies can be made with our favorite web-slinger. I have great faith that Kevin Feige has all the love for the fans of his favorite franchise and will do everything he can to make an amazing legacy.

Disney+ Streaming Service

Honest Disney+ Review

Disney+  was just released in The Netherlands yesterday and I got to test it out in all it’s glory. So now it is time to review this beta test!

Disney+ is the new streaming service of Disney+ that has to be the competitor of Netflix and HBO. For years we have been waiting for this streaming service and now it is finally here in The Netherlands. So let’s do a Disney+ Review!


I am really impressed by the performance of the application. I have experience no lag at all and setting it up was easy as well. Finding the app was a bit harder though. Because it isn’t world release yet I couldn’t find it in the app store. So with some help from other bloggers I finally found a link. When the app is up and running it runs as good as Netflix would, and for a first release that is very impressive.

Hardware problems

Although I haven’t had any big hardware problems on my phone, browser or even Xbox One. I did have some problems with my Chromebook. It wouldn’t play any movie or show and would be in an infinite loop. Also my onboard mouse didn’t work with scrolling trough the recommended lists, which makes it a bit harder to get what you want. You can still search of course, however it would be a lot easier if it would just work. This will have to be a point reduction for this Disney+ Review.

Full Library

Disney was not kidding when they announced that they would put their full library of Disney movies on their streaming service. Their whole Disney movies library is on it, including Marvel and Star Wars. Pixar is represented as well with all the movies and shorts. If that isn’t enough for you then you should also know that the full National Geographic library is on there as well. This is a major plus for this Disney+ Review.

Countless hours of content

Needless to say you will be able to watch countless hours of Disney magic while you probably should doing other things. However having this library for just 7 dollars a month or 70 dollars a year is a steal. I’m happy to pay the price that they offer and I will be keeping it for alsong as Disney will keep this streaming service going. No more need of a closet full of Disney movies, we have it all online now and we can watch it anywhere we want to.

Up to 10 devices

You can register up to 10 devices to your account, which means you could let 10 other people watch on your account. This might sound like a ripoff, until you realise that Netflix asks double the fee for the same thing. It is not known if browsers are also counted as a device, however it doesn’t seem to be that way.

Conclusion of this Disney+ Review

Disney+ is the streaming service I’ve been looking for ever since I had a Netflix account. I think a lot of people have been waiting anxiously to be able to “own” a Disney library at this size and now we have it. Or atleast The Netherlands has it in this testing period. I think we can expect great things from Disney’s streaming service and I think Disney is very excited about it too.

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Hurricane Dorian is coming

Walt Disney Company Donates 1 Million Due to Hurricane Dorian

We’ve all heard about Hurricane Dorian and what kind of devastation it caused on the Bahamas. It truly did a number on one of the favorite vacation spot of millions of people. The big blue oceans and white beaches bring people to these magical islands every year. And Disney itself has a cruise line that goes there for some magical vacation fun! The Walt Disney Company has decided to donate 1 million to aid the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

If you are looking to help out please donate through this link from the Bahamas Red Cross

Hurricane Dorian

It’s been a couple of days now since Dorian hit land on the beloved islands in the Bahamas. Normally a hurricane goes on land and it slows down in wind speed and is gone within a day. Dorian seemed to like the bahamas a bit too much. However it picked up on speed in winds and slowed down in pace.

This meant that Dorian had more time to literally wreck house on the party islands and made 70.000 people left in need of assistance. 48 hours long Dorian wrecked shop like a bull in a china shop, only to make people homeless and even kill people.

Walt Disney Company and hurricane dorian

Because the Bahamas is such a big part of the Disney Cruises, The Walt Disney company decided to help out. With a donation of goods worth more than 1 million dollars, Disney decided to go the extra mile for their neighbours.

Earlier today, Chairman and CEO Bob Iger shared;

“The Walt Disney Company stands with the people of The Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian.” He went on to say, “We hope our $1 million donation will provide much-needed relief and help our neighbors, colleagues, and all those impacted by this devastating storm begin the long process of recovery as they work to put their lives and communities back together.”

Disney also announced that they will be distributing their donations of goods and help for the people to their Coco Key island. From there it will be distributed to the surrounding islands that have been struck by the hurricane.

Jermaine Bell

A 6 year old with the name Jermaine Bell wanted to help the refugees from Florida and South Carolina. He had spent over a year to be able to afford a trip to Walt Disney World. Something he had dreamed off for a very long time.

However when he heard that people were outrunning the storm to safety, he got his money and bought hot dogs, chips and water for the refugees. He decided to give everything to the refugees for free. Basically setting him back to square one with his savings.

When Disney got wind of the act of kindness of this selfish 6 year old they wanted to give him something special. Check the video below for the whole story.

Conclusion about Walt Disney Company and Hurricane Dorian

We can conclude that when something tragic like this happens to our community we try to help each other out. The Walt Disney Company went out of their way to make sure that everyone that lives in their cruise line waters is taken care off. With their more than generous donation I think that will be a great addition to all the help that is send to the Bahamas.

If you would like to donate to aid the bahamas, you can do so trough this website to the Bahamas red cross. This will further aid the people who lost their loved ones and their homes.

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Hurricane Dorian is coming

Hurricane Dorian Approaches Walt Disney World

Hurricane Dorian approaches Walt Disney World. That spells bad news for Walt Disney World. The Florida based Disney Resort will be visited by the latest hurricane that is approaching the Bahama’s as we speak. Reports say that it will be a Category 3 or 4 major hurricane when it touches land on monday.

Hurricane Season

It is nearly September as we write this and that means that hurricane season has been underway for some time, and Hurricane Dorian approaches Walt Disney World. However around September it becomes more severe and the big hurricanes and tropical storms make their way up to Florida. This is not something new and Walt Disney World is more than prepared for this stormy season. Walt Disney World even has a Hurricane Policy.

Trip planned in advance

Like many of us we have trips planned for months or even years, paid for our rooms and tickets in advanced. So how can you assure that you have a safe trip? Hurricanes are not something you can plan for, and Walt Disney World understands that. So they have a couple of options.

  • If you booked your flights through the Walt Disney World website they will attempt to help you rebook your flight. Cancelation or change fees are still for you to pay.
  • You can reschedule your Hotel room dates to dates after or before the arrival date of the hurricane. Disney allowed this if the said hurricane is a threat for guest safety.
  • Cancel your booking altogether. You will have to pay the cancelation fees and maybe pay partly the fee of your room depending on your cancelation date and arrival date.

Deciding to go while the hurricane is there

You may still decide to go while the hurricane is coming to Walt Disney World and you won’t be left there to your own safety. Walt Disney World will do everything in its power to keep you and their own employees safe. How do they do this?

  • Sandbags in front of your door to keep out water
  • Relocate you to another room or resort. Especially if you stay at the Wilderness Cabins you may be relocated to another resort for your safety. You will not be charged extra. However you may not choose where you will be located, it might be a downgrade or an upgrade.
  • If there is no need for relocation but Walt Disney World sees it fit to get all the resort guests to safety you might be relocated to a food court where guests will be entertained with movies. Water and some food will be available for guests for the duration of the severity of the storm.
  • When guest safety cannot be guaranteed you will be relocated to another place outside of Disney with help of local authorities. If that happens you are not allowed to stay on site and you will not be reimbursed as Walt Disney World is doing everything to keep you safe.

Don’t underestimate

Even though you might think it will not be as bad as the media let’s it out to be, never underestimate hurricanes and tropical storms. The warnings are for a good reason and history tells that even the lowest tropical storm can be dangerous. Every year people die from hurricanes and tropical storms. Be sure to research before going during hurricane season.

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Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village

Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village – Rumour

Recently a pop up store has opened up at Disney Village in Disneyland Paris. It’s none other than a Hard Rock Cafe Pop Up Store. Knowing that Disney Village will get an enormous overhaul, this will be a very welcomed addition to the outdated Disney Village. So will that mean that we will get a Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village?

Pop up store

Disney does not just open a random pop up store because an enormous brand asks to do so. Disney plans out every move with precision. This store is selling Hard Rock merchandise from their own Hard Rock Shops. It’s very clear that Disney won’t leave this store forever on site. However that is the definition of a pop up store. It pops up and then goes away again. It is great to learn that Hard Rock Cafe will become part of Disney. It is an awesome and much needed addition to our beloved Disney Village. How cool would it be to have an Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village shirt? That would be an awesome to add to my collection of Disney Fashion!

Rainforest Cafe

It’s rumored that Rainforest Cafe will make place for the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. Although Rainforest Cafe is very famous in the hearts of Disneyland Paris fans. However we can all agree that the food to price ratio is outrageous for what you get.

It’s even infamous with die hard Disney Fans. Being a place where you should never spend your money on your already expensive Disney trip. For the same amount of cash you can eat like a cowboy at the Silver Spur Steakhouse. So why not go eat there where the food is arguably better?

The future

This spells out a good perspective Disney Village. With The Walt Disney Company pumping in millions to make it shine again, I have faith in the future of our much beloved Disney Village. I think in the upcoming year we will hear more about the changes at Disney Village. However with all the rumours going around I think we will be hearing a lot in the months to come.

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